Electrically Conductive EMI Foam

conductive foam


Electrically Conductive EMI Foam is a versatile material that stands out for its exceptional electrical conductivity performance, which is achieved thanks to its low-density foam and plating throughout with materials of high conductivity. It is particularly useful as an EMI gasket, providing low resistance electrical conductivity, which increases its EMI shielding capabilities. 

For people concerned about safety, it’s worth mentioning the Electrically Conductive EMI foam’s UL94V-1 certification for being flame retardant. 

One of the most significant advantages of this foam is that it demands very little force for closure, compressing easily down to as little as 0.5mm while still maintaining its function and quality. Dust seals offer the perfect use for this material due to its exceptional performance and ease of use. However, it should be noted that this foam does not offer water sealing, and alternative materials should be used for that purpose.


  • Lining Computer and Telecommunications enclosures
  • Applications which require ESD control/grounding only
  • Connector and bespoke gaskets
  • Conductive pads or cushions
  • I/O connector panels


  • Our conductive foam is available as sheets 450 x 450mm square, as strips or as die cut gaskets to drawing.

  • It is available in 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5mm thick

  • It is available with or without conductive PSA.

Design Considerations

These materials are easily cut and assembled in place. The joints are not usually required to be bonded.

Very low closure force is required, so fixings can be fairly far apart compared to other shielding materials.

These materials offer little no liquid protection. Only EMI and dust protection.

The PSA used is very high bond. Extra fixings are very rarely required.

We recommend a compression of 30% for effective shielding.

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