Compression Collars, Washers and Gasket Stamping

Compression Limitation Collars

Limitless Shielding can supply an almost endless range of stamped collars, washers and gaskets from a whole range of materials to suit your needs.

Our washers and compression collars are generally made from metals (copper, brass, lead,
aluminium, plus mild and stainless steel) but we can manufacture products from non-metallic materials (leather, fibre, nylon, rubbers, plastics, paper, felt, etc.). 

With good stocks of raw materials and calling upon our ever growing library of tools, we can usually make non standard sizes. Our fast, economic tooling service enables bespoke products to be made to customer exact specifications. We can also supply raw material in rolls, strips or joints, make one-off samples, hand cut gaskets, leather hydraulic seals and production prototypes.


Compression Collars

Compression Collars, sometimes known as Insert Collars or Compression Limiters are a key component for Aerospace, Automotive and other manufacturing industries.

The collars can provide a reliable and durable fixing locators and compression limitation for Shielding gaskets and Environmental gaskets alike. 

Compression limitation is required when over compression of a gasket can have a detrimental effect on its performance and longevity in the field. Depending on the application and material, the general rule of thumb is a collar should be roughly 80% the thickness of the material it is to be used with.

Often the compression collars are moulded in to the gasket during manufacture or bonded in after moulding or stamping.

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Available Materials

CNAFMild SteelPresspahn
Ceramic FibreMillboardRubber
Delrin (Acetal)NylatronSentinel
FeltPVCStainless Steel
FibreboardPhosphur BronzeVulcanised Fibre
Gasket paperPolyesterViton

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