Form in Place (FIP) Gaskets and Materials

Form in place gaskets are also referred to as FIP or FIP-G, are a type of gasket that is robotically dispensed in the form of either plain silicone or conductive electromagnetic interference (EMI) material. These types of gaskets are becoming increasingly popular within the electronics industry due to the densely populated nature of modern electronics enclosures. 

Our Form in place gaskets are specifically designed to provide a seamless and effective solution for difficult sealing applications, which are commonly found in complex electronics. With the use of robotically dispensed silicone, FIP gaskets provide superior sealing properties and reduce the likelihood of leaks, even in applications where traditional gaskets have failed in the past. 

This technology has enabled engineers to further improve complex electronic designs, making it possible for man

The most important distinction of form-in-place EMI gaskets is that they were developed for applications where inter-compartmental isolation is required to separate signal processing and/or signal generating functions. FIP gaskets are meant to reduce “noise” between cavities on a printed circuit board (PCB) or in an electronics enclosure.

In addition, FIP gaskets provide excellent electrical contact to mating conductive surfaces, including printed circuit board traces for cavity-to-cavity isolation.

We can provide a fast free sample turn around service and produce single parts up to large batch production runs. Generally we would require a DXF file of the part to be able to work with it. This speeds up the programming time and reduces the lead time from receipt to completed goods. A non-contact measuring device is used to ensure the gasket size and shape.

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  • Low tooling costs – Simple housings and parts require little or no tooling.
  • Small precise gaskets – gaskets can be dispensed in smaller bead sizes than most traditional EMI shielding gaskets.
  • Excellent adhesion – high adhesion on prepared surfaces such as machined metals, cast housings, and electrically conductive plastics.
  • High shielding effectiveness – FIP materials can provide >100 dB shielding effectiveness in the 200 MHz to 12 GHz frequency range.
  • Quick programming – swift and easy turn around of samples and small batches.
  • Complex geometries – FIP gaskets are able to follow very complex geometries including sharp turns, corners, and repeating patterns.
  • “T” joints – FIP gaskets produce reliable junctions between paths to provide continuous EMI/EMC shielding and environmental sealing.

  • The form in place gasket height covers a range of 0.35mm – 2mm. The width is nominally 1.5 x height for a single bead.
  • A general tolerance of ± 0.1mm should be allowed.
  • Form in place gasket adhesion is typically >100Ncm-2 (of gasket ‘footprint’). This depends on the substrate type and condition. Oils and contaminants should be removed.
  • A form in place gasket path can be defined from the part manually or generated from a CAD/DXF file
  • Form in place gasket compression range is usually 20% – 30% of original height.
  • Compression stops or limitations are recommended as they prevent over-compression and subsequent damage to the gasket. They also allow any fasteners to be tightened to their normal working torque .
  • Our form in place gasket will provide a low voltage DC resistance of >200 mΩcm-1 (this is measured down through the gasket cross-section into the substrate to which it is applied)
  • Non-conductive form in place gasket materials can operate from -100°C up to +300°C
  • Conductive form in place gasket materials can operate from -55°C up to +150°C

To specify the type and size of material required, please use the material code plus the container size as a suffix. For example for a 10cc syringe of Nickel Graphite material, the part number would be “FP-NC-10”

To specify a dispensed gasket, please use the material code plus the drawing number as a suffix. For example for a Nickel Graphite gasket to drawing 12345 would be, the part number would be “FP-NC-12345”

Available Conductive Form in place gaskets

FillerSilver AluminiumSilver CopperSilver NickelNickel Graphite
ColourLight tanLight tanLight tanDark Grey
Cure time10 hours10 hours10 hours10 hours
Recommended minimum cure time24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Hardness (Shore A)50404550
Volume resistivity<0.01Ω.cm<0.01Ω.cm<0.01Ω.cm<0.1Ω.cm
Adhesion>50Ncm-2>50Ncm-2>50Ncm-2>50 Ncm-2
Attenuation – 100MHz to 10GHz (MIL-STD 285)85 – 110dB100 – 120dB90 – 110dB85 – 110dB
Compression recommended25%25%25%25%
Gasket resistance<0.5Ω.cm-1<0.5Ω.cm-1<0.5Ω.cm-1<0.5Ω.cm-1
Compression set – 70 hours at 23°C<20%<20%<20%<20%
Service temperature range-55°C to 150°C-55°C to 125°C-55°C to 150°C-55°C to 150°C
Force deflection @ 10 %1.5Ncm-11.4Ncm-11.7Ncm-12.8Ncm-1
Force deflection @ 25%3.5Ncm-13.3Ncm-14.1Ncm-17.4Ncm-1
Force deflection @ 50%16.0Ncm-114.8Ncm-120.7Ncm-126.4Ncm-1

As well as dispensed Form in place gaskets, these materials are available in 10cc, 30cc, 55cc, 70cc, 170cc and 310cc cartridges

We also have plain Silicone and Fluorosilicone materials available.

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