Conductive Silver Epoxy Adhesive - CA-SE

The Electrically conductive silver epoxy adhesive provides an effective and convenient alternative to traditional bonding methods when it comes to metal-to-metal bonding. This adhesive is highly conductive and offers permanent, high-strength bonds that you can rely on. With its smooth, thixotropic nature it is highly suited to the assembly and prototyping of metal enclosures, making the assembly process a breeze, without the need for expensive machining operations, welding or fasteners.

But that’s not all – its qualities extend beyond metal bonding. This adhesive also functions as a fantastic cold-soldering repair solution and can be used as a substitute for soldering when it comes to heat-sensitive electronic components and conductive connections.

It also offers excellent EMI/RFI shielding and can fill seams between metal plates effectively. Highly filled to maximize electrical conductivity, the CA-SE adhesive is a dependable silver epoxy, equivalent to other industry leaders including ECA-SE002 and Kembond SE002, among others. Enhance your bonding experience with this adhesive, and visit the Wikipedia page for more information.


Cure time at 23 °C24 hours
Recommended cure time48 hours
Density3.0 gcm-3
Adhesion – lap shear
(aluminium to aluminium)
600 Ncm-2
Temperature range-50°C to 200°C
Bond resistance
(aluminium to aluminium)
<10mΩ cm-2
Thermal conductivity4.8 Wm-1K-1
Recommended bond thickness<0.25mm
  • Very high bond strength
  • Room temperature cure
  • Compatible with most common substrates – non tarnishing / discolouring
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Wide service temperature range – remains strong and conductive at extremes of temperature
  • Stable – low bond (joint) resistance through temperature cycling
  • Good gap filling properties – can be used to form fillet joints
  • Suitable as a solder substitute

CA-SE is available in 4cc and 10cc, twin tube syringes.

Ordering Information

To specify the type and size of material required, please use the material code plus the container size as a suffix. For example for a 10cc syringe of Silver Epoxy adhesive, the part number would be “CA-SE-10”

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