Carbon Loaded / Antistatic Silicone

Limitless Shieldings CE-CS is a quality semi-conductive carbon loaded grade of Silicone rubber that has been extensively used for shielding and sealing applications in EMC and static applications with proven success. 

The premium-quality compound can be fabricated into various types of extruded forms such as tube, cord, and complex hollow or solid profiles that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers. These highly-customized profiles can be supplied in cut lengths, cut and joined into O Rings, or square gaskets that offer optimal shielding and sealing solutions.

We can also provide extruded sheets that are easily converted into flat cut gaskets suitable for punching or waterjet cutting with or without adhesive backing. 

In addition, we can also supply a UL94-HB certified grade of this compound, if needed, to ensure the highest level of quality is provided to our customers. So, you can rely on us for all of your shielding and sealing requirements.

Carbon Loaded / Antistatic Silicone Availability

  • This material is available as sheets, extrusion, O-rings, die cut gaskets and moulded components.
  • Some materials are available on rolls
  • Fire retardant UL94 HB material available
  • A reinforced layer can be moulded into the sheets to reinforce the gasket material
  • For custom die-cut gaskets, please submit a drawing of the gasket and the type of material required

Moulded Sheets

Our electrically conductive elastomers for EMI shielding are available in sheet form, from 0.3mm thick and to any size you require up to 610mm x 660mm.  They are also available with a reinforced interlayer with the thinnest sheet being 0.8mm thick


A wide range of conductive elastomer cross-sections are available. Solid and hollow round, solid and hollow ‘D’, ‘U’ channels, square/rectangular strip as well as custom sections. Hollow ‘O’ and ‘D’ sections are generally used in applications where lower compression force is required or a greater tolerance range must be allowed for.

Gasket sections can be supplied in on the roll, in cut lengths or joined to form gaskets. Extruded conductive elastomer profiles can be joined to form rings e.g. ‘o’ rings, picture frames or more complicated shapes. This is the most efficient means of producing gasket sections or gaskets using conductive elastomers

Solid round sections are available from 0.8mm upwards in increments from 0.1mm

Hollow round sections are available with a 1.2mm (outside diameter) upwards in increments of 0.1mm.

Vulcanised or Moulded O-Rings

Conductive elastomer O-rings can be  manufactured by either extruding and jointing or compression moulding starting with an internal diameter of 10mm.

The o-rings are jointed using vulcanising compound to maintain electrical connectivity, or they can be manufactured using compression moulding.

The o-rings are available in all materials, fluorosilicone and silicone and other material types too.

Preform and/or Die Cut

This method produces flat gaskets using a method that reduces waste and cost. The material is moulded as a sheet or picture frame and then the gaskets are punched out. This allows economical production of parts, saving material in the case of larger gaskets and enabling many smaller parts to be punched from a single moulding. Other features can also be moulded into the gaskets such as ridges or extra seals.

This is generally the preferred method to produce connector gaskets and other flat seals. Compression limitation can also be included in these gaskets.

Custom Moulding

Conductive elastomers may be moulded to form bespoke parts such as cable glands, complex gaskets, seals, insert mouldings etc.

All conductive elastomer processes are suitable for both low and high volumes

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