General Purpose Neoprene Adhesive


AD-N is a one-part solvent based, neoprene contact adhesive. It is a CFC-free, sprayable, general purpose adhesive with good adhesion to neoprene, natural and synthetic rubber, nylon, glass, ceramic, wood, PVC, insulation materials and most plastic materials. It can be used to attach foam Microwave absorbers to different substrates.

AD-N neoprene contact adhesive has also proved successful in both the automotive and marine industries for bonding insulation, headlinings and bulkhead materials.


  • Bonding Microwave Absorbers in rooms
  • Laminating
  • Various insulation applications
  • Marine adhesives
  • Automotive Headlinings
  • Equivalent to Eccostock 13111

Technical Information

Colour Red/Clear
Application Temperature5-25°C
Viscosity 200-300cps (20°C)
Tack Life2-15 minutes
Service temperature range-30°C to 90°C


AD-N is available in 1l, 5l, 25l, 250, and 1000l containers. 25 litre drums are the preferred option. 

A thinners and cleaning solution is available for applications where the base product is too viscous to apply. It is usually supplied red in colour but is also available in clear.

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