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Limitless Shielding is an industry-leading company with ISO 9001:2015 and JOSCAR registration highlighting our commitment to quality and our customers requirements.. With over 30 years of experience in EMI shielding, Limitless Shielding has established itself as a formidable force in the automotive and EMI shielding industries. Half of their origins come from the Motorsport and Automotive industry, where they made a name for themselves supplying bespoke gaskets and other small, generic components. Over time, Limitless Shielding broadened their horizons by partnering with a Director from a well-known and respected shielding company and subsequently becoming Limitless Shielding.

With the Limitless group of companies’ support, a manufacturing powerhouse was born. Today, their expertise spans across multiple industries, including pharmaceutical packaging, defense, aerospace, satellites/space, and automotive. Situated in the United Kingdom, they specialize in manufacturing and supplying a vast range of products designed to meet a wide range of requirements.


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Limitless Shielding Adhesive and Form in place manufacturing

From form in place gaskets and compounds to conductive adhesives, conductive silicone loaded elastomers, and more, Limitless Shielding provides a complete range of products, manufactured at their facility near Colchester in Essex. Clients can choose from a wide range of profiles, including compound, sheets, continuous lengths, and O rings. Furthermore, molded and fabricated gaskets can be produced to specific drawings depending on a client’s unique requirements.

We also have the advantage of manufacturing a wide range of quantities from single piece prototype runs all the way up to mass production runs. This means we can manage your requirement, when you need it, to minimise lead time and your expense with storage.

We are here to support you at any point in your products development and production. But often solutions are easier, and cheaper, to implement earlier. 

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