Fabric over Foam


Limitless Shieldings metalized fabric over foam materials combine the use of highly flexible nickel over copper-plated polyester fabric over an open celled polyurethane foam core. This provides an economical, non-corrosive, highly effective, conductive pad. The bottom surface is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) strip with release liner if required.

These materials close with very little pressure down to as little as 0.5mm. They have little or no compression set, even when folded.

These materials offer an EMI protection and a level of dust control only.


  • Computer and Telecommunications enclosures
  • Applications which require ESD control/grounding only
  • Connector gaskets, door seals, access panels
  • Large or small seals where cost is being considered
  • Applications which require very low closure force
  • Conductive pads or cushions


  • Fabricated gaskets to drawing
  • Lengths up to 1 metres long (2.1m on special request)
  • Available with compression limitation
  • With or without Adhesive backing
  • A large range profiles and sizes to suit many applications
  • UL flame retardant variants available

Design Considerations

These materials are easily cut and assembled in place. The joints are not usually required to be bonded.

Very low closure force is required, so fixings can be fairly far apart compared to other shielding materials.

These materials offer little no liquid protection. Only EMI and dust protection.

The PSA used is very high bond. Extra fixings are very rarely required.

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