Combination Elastomer and Mesh Gaskets


Combination Elastomer/Mesh gaskets manufactured from a knitted wire mesh gasket (or elastomer cored knitted wire mesh gasket) along with a non-conductive environmental seal are available to bridge the gap where the performance of a wire mesh gasket is required alongside an environmental seal. This creates a reliable and low-cost shielding gasket, with environmental sealing properties for use in military and electronic applications..

Knitted wire mesh & environmental seal combinations can be supplied as gaskets, in strip form or as assembled gaskets to suit most enclosures. Compression limitation can be designed in and fitted to prevent over-compression or the distortion of mating surfaces.


  • Suitable for gaps with substantial gap unevenness.
  • Window, Door and Panel seals.
  • Ideal for use where repeated opening and closing operations are necessary


  • Fabricated gaskets to drawing.
  • Continuous lengths up to 10 metres long.
  • Available with and without compression limitation.
  • Optional self adhesive backing.
  • A large range of materials to suit many RFI/EMI/EMP conditions.
  • Large fabricated gaskets can be produced on request
  • UL flame retardant variants available

Design Considerations

When producing Combination Elastomer/Mesh gaskets yourself, consideration should be given to the termination of cut mesh ends. Sometimes loose wires are evident after cutting. Furthermore, loose wires can be avoided by either dipping the end in glue, spot welding or sewing the cut mesh end.

The compression forces on the Combination Elastomer/Mesh gaskets required to achieve a good contact and the rigidity of the host metalwork.

The choice of the shielding mesh in the Combination Elastomer/Mesh gaskets should take into consideration the type of metals being interfaced to insure compatibility and the attenuation required.

Combination Elastomer/Mesh gaskets profiles can sometimes require correspondingly high closure forces. Therefore, it is important to ensure that covers/flanges are sufficiently rigid and that fastener spacing is not so large as to cause poor sealing due to distortion of the sealing faces.

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