Oriented Wire


Oriented Wire is a flat, silicone sheet material, comprising a sponge or solid silicone rubber, embedded with Monel or aluminium metal wires orientated perpendicular to its surface. Excellent shielding performance is achieved as well as a high level of environmental sealing when clamped between two metallic surfaces. The wires are crimped to aid compression and are chemically bonded to ensure their retention in the silicone or fluorosilicone carrier. They will also penetrate most light oxide layers, ensuring a low contact resistance path when suitably compressed.


A choice of solid silicone (ZZ-R-765 2B 40), soft solid silicone, closed cell silicone sponge (AMS 3195)  and solid fluorosilicone (Mil-R-25988 50) variants along with different wire counts in monel or aluminium are available allowing this product to be used in a wide range of applications to match galvanic compatibility and contaminate fluid resistance.

The material is available in sheet widths of up to 915mm long by 225mm with a minimum thickness of 0.8mm.

The material consistency of soft solid silicone is much better than silicone sponge as there is no uneven cell structure that may affect moisture ingress and closure force


  • Die-cut gaskets
  • Large fabricated gaskets
  • Virtually any flat shape can be produced
  • Sheet material
  • Strip material available in continuous lengths
  • Self-adhesive backing to allow for easy assembly
  • Gaskets can be fitted with compression limit stops or collars

Smaller gaskets can be punched in one operation, keeping production costs to a minimum.

Larger gaskets are produced cost effectively, without the constraint of sheet size limitation, from strips of material fabricated into the required finished shape, avoiding waste material from the centre of the gasket.

A fluorosilicone version is available for use in environments where fuels / oils / hydraulic fluids and other contaminants are present

Solid Silicone for use in applications where higher compression forces allow for better environmental sealing. Soft solid silicone or silicone sponge for applications that require lower compression forces.

Design Considerations

It is recommended that where possible these gaskets are designed in with some form of compression limitation. Compression stops in the form of collars or studs should be incorporated into the gasket ideally to limit compression within 5 – 25% depending on gasket cross-section and enclosure construction.

This material type can require relatively high closure forces, therefore it is important to ensure that covers/flanges are sufficiently rigid and that fastener spacing is not so large as to cause poor sealing due to distortion of the sealing faces.

Available Materials

Elastomer TypeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone SpongeSilicone SpongeFluorosiliconeFluorosilicone
Wire TypeMonelAluminiumMonelAluminiumMonelAluminium
Elastomer SpecificationZZ-R-765 2bZZ-R-765 2bAMS 3195AMS 3195Mil-R-25988 G 50Mil-R-25988 G 50
Closing Force (psi)25-10025-10015-7515-7525-10025-100
Temperature Range-65°C to 200°C-65°C to 200°C-65°C to 200°C-65°C to 200°C-65°C to 200°C-65°C to 200°C
Fuel ResistantNoNoNoNoYesYes
Wire Diameter0.114mm Ø0.127mm Ø0.114mm Ø0.127mm Ø0.114mm Ø0.127mm Ø
SpecificationBS 3075 NA13 QQ-N-281-BBS EN 537 pt3 Alloy 5056BS 3075 NA13 QQ-N-281-BBS EN 537 pt3 Alloy 5056BS 3075 NA13 QQ-N-281-BBS EN 537 pt3 Alloy 5056

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