Conductive Rip-stop and woven fabric

Conductive Fabric


Conductive rip-stop and woven fabric is a highly advanced material that boasts a base of durable nylon delicately coated with a state-of-the-art copper-based conductive coating, plated with nickel. Notably, this Conductive rip-stop and woven fabric is popularly used in the world of the Fabric over Foam range of products due to its exceptional versatility and reliability in a range of functions. 

What makes this Conductive rip-stop and woven fabric even more noteworthy is its ability to conduct electricity in all directions, enabling it to function in diverse environments. Moreover, the conductive fabric boasts excellent EMI shielding effectiveness and remains remarkably flexible, making it an optimal choice for multiple uses such as lining boxes, wrapping around core materials, making die stamping pads, cushions, or gaskets. It equally has superior abrasion resistance, and the fabric is UL rated, which gives it an added layer of credibility. 

You can learn more about this exceptional fabric and its countless uses through this article found here.


  • Lining Computer and Telecommunications enclosures
  • Applications which require ESD control/grounding only
  • Connector and bespoke gaskets
  • Conductive pads or cushions


Our conductive fabric is Rip Stop and is available with and without PSA, and a hot melt adhesive is available.

A fire retardant UL rated version is available on special request

This material is available on the roll (up to 1.2m wide x 50m long), as sheets, die cut or assembled into gaskets/liners.

Design Considerations

These materials are easily cut and assembled in place. It can be sewn using a standard sewing machine.

Very little force is required, so fixings can be fairly far apart compared to other shielding materials.

These materials offer little no liquid protection. Only EMI and dust protection.


The PSA used is very high bond. Extra fixings are very rarely required.

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