Graphite Gaskets

Graphite Gaskets


Limitless Shielding’s range of high quality graphite gaskets are the perfect product for use in high temperature and high pressure sealing applications. Our graphite gaskets are available in a selection of 3 grades as well as different thickness options. We can supply this product in almost any size to suit your unique application and requirements.

A key feature of our graphite gaskets is the low friction surface. This provides our gaskets superior durability and enables them to be in constant use without warping or deteriorating. Graphite gaskets are also impermeable to gases and liquids, which makes our products highly desirable in steam cycling applications.


In order to increase the strength and durability of this product, we can reinforce our graphite gaskets with various metal cores. We offer different composition options for this product as we know every customers requirements will be different. This ensures that you only get the properties which your unique application requires.

Key Features

  • High quality product
  • Excellent temperature range
  • Soft and flexible material
  • High recovery
  • Non aging
  • Impermeable to gases and liquids
  • Good radiation resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Highly durable

Material Availability

Homogeneous Graphite:

  • Maximum Operating Temperature 500°C (dry), 650°C (steam)
  • Maximum Pressure 40 Bar

The homogeneous grade is free from any fibres, binders or additives. This gives the product superior flexibility which enables it to fill any surface imperfections. Our customers regularly use this particular grade for metal jacketed gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets as well as corrugated metal gaskets.

Stainless Steel Foil Graphite: 

  • Maximum Operating Temperature 500°C (dry), 650°C (steam)
  • Maximum Pressure 140 Bar

This grade is manufactured from expanded graphite foil laminate, using one or more flat stainless steel layers. The steel layers grant this grade superior pressure resistance without effecting the maximum operating temperature. Our customers commonly use this particlar product in high pressure as well as high temperature applications.

Stainless Steel Tang Graphite:

  • Maximum Operating Temperature 500°C (dry), 650°C (steam)
  • Maximum Pressure 140 Bar

Our stainless steel tang grade is also manufactured from expanded graphite foil. It is then reinforced with one or more insertions of tanged 0.10mm thick stainless steel. The stainless steel tang provides this product with excellent high pressure resistance, while also allowing for superior levels of compression. This grade is often used in steam system applications as well as as flange gaskets for piping and machinery.


  • Refineries
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Industrial Fluid Sealing
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Steam Services
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Thermal
  • Electrochemical Applications

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