EMI Shielded Air Ventilation Panels


Limitless Shielding offers you a wide range of exceptional EMI shielding air ventilation panels that are specifically designed to deliver top-notch performance. Our panels are available in various configurations, providing you with an extensive selection of options to meet your unique needs.

Our shielded EMI air ventilation panels are designed to combine maximum shielding with minimal air flow resistance to ensure optimal airflow for cooling electronic enclosures. You don’t need to worry about EMI radiation and susceptibility affecting your electronics and the panels are also ideal for heat dissipation. You can trust that your assembly will always perform optimally with our panels installed.

Moreover, in addition to our ventilation panels, we also supply EMI fan filters that are perfect for dust particle collection, guaranteeing that your electronics always remain clean and shielded. We look forward to serving you and providing you with products that will exceed your expectations!


  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Fan housings
  • EMC Racks
  • Communication shelters


Aluminium Honeycomb Vents – These EMI shielding vents are constructed from two panels of aluminium honeycomb mounted in a rigid frame of extruded aluminium. Such panels utilize the attenuating effect which occurs when the honeycomb cells have a width equal to, or less than, 0.25 of the panel thickness. The vents are available in a range of styles to suit particular applications and can be surface or flush mounted to an enclosure depending on the frame style specified. A corresponding selection of conductive gaskets is also available to provide electrical continuity to the enclosure walls or panels. The vent panel is treated with a chromate conversion coating, which acts as a barrier to galvanic corrosion.

Low Profile Vents – Low profile vents are recommended for applications where space is limited, eliminating the use of honeycomb vents. Available in a choice of screen materials: Monel or Aluminium, low profile vents do not provide shielding effectiveness to the same level of Honeycomb Vents, particularly in the higher frequency range. Where this is not a problem, they provide a lightweight, high airflow vent, which will also restrict the passage of larger particles of debris and insects. The screen material is crimped into an aluminium frame, and is supplied complete with a Monel wire mesh gasket.

Thin Screen Shields (TSS) – For applications where a combination air vent and dust shield is required, but where space is limited. TSS vents are comprised of layers of crimped and expanded aluminium alloy mounted in an aluminium frame. These vents provide good EMI protection. However, air flow is poor.

Design Considerations

  • Avoid the siting of fixing holes in the corners of the panel, as this can weaken the construction.
  • A metal mesh protective kick plate can be fitted.
  • Polyurethane Dust Filters may be fitted into certain frame styles.
  • Surface finishes other than chromate conversion can be supplied. Nickel plate, Surtec 650, paint etc., please specify on your drawings.

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