Conductive Caulks and Gap Fillers

Conductive Caulks and Gap Fillers are similar to commercial caulking products, except loaded with electrically conductive fillers. As a result, these fillers enable them to be highly electrically conductive.  They are designed to be applied to panel joints, seams and other small clearances in sheet metal enclosures. Designed to cure at room temperature, conductive caulks and gap fillers form a highly conductive, and flexible, elastomeric seal that has excellent adhesion to most commonly used materials. 

Conductive caulks and gap fillers can also remove the need for mechanical fixtures, depending on the application requirements. When fully cured, conductive calks help prevent water ingress and improve the EMI shielding performance of panel joints. For more information visit this page.

These materials have excellent high temperature resistance and long-term ageing characteristics. The fillers used in these materials provide a reliable low impedance connection between metallic surfaces. The different fillers can use help to ensure good galvanic compatibility with different alloys in wet or humid environments

Non silicone based versions of our gap fillers and caulks are also available.

Features and Benefits

  • One component compound
  • Easy to use and no mixing required.
  • Fillers are available to suit your application.
  • Excellent conductivity of 0.010 ohm-cm
  • Moisture/Air cure silicone base
  • Around 30 minute working life
  • Rapid skin formation
  • 24 hr handling time for cure
  • Requires no pressure during curing
  • Wide range of product application temperatures
  • Non corrosive, or inert,  cure mechanism
  • No corrosive by-products generated during curing to damage substrate
  • Medium paste viscosity
  • Easy to dispense, apply and spread, can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces
  • Minimal shrinkage, no permits or ventilation required.

Conductive Caulk and Gap Filler Materials

Nickel Plated GraphiteSilver Plated AluminiumSilver Plated Copper
ColourDark GreyLight TanTan
Cure Time12 Hours12 Hours12 Hours
Full Cure1 Week1 Week1 Week
Density2 gcm2 gcm2.7 gcm
Hardness60 Shore60 Shore60 Shore
Volume Resistivity<0.01 ohm/cm<0.01 ohm/cm<0.01 ohm/cm
Attenuation 100MHz to 10 GHZ80-115dB80-115dB80-115dB
Temperature Range-55 to 150°C-55 to 150°C-55 to 125°C

These materials are generally available in 70cc, 170cc and 310cc cartridges

Conductive Caulks and Gap Fillers Ordering Information

To specify the type and size of Conductive Caulks and Gap Filler required, please use the material code plus the container size as a suffix. For example for a 70cc syringe of Nickel Graphite caulk, the part number would be “GF-NC-70”

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