Low Frequency Absorbers

Low Frequency Absorber


Low Frequency Microwave (RF) Absorbers are a magnetically loaded sheet stock having high loss at sub-microwave frequencies. Low Frequency Absorbers are designed with shaped magnetic particles which exhibit high permeability at frequencies from 1 MHz to 3 GHz. The Low Frequency Absorber product line is the thinnest of the absorber products, with standard thicknesses of 0.006” and 0.020”; other thicknesses and configuration as available.


  • Traveling, creeping, surface wave absorption
  • Resonant Cavity Attenuation
  • EMI Reduction
  • Mounted to an IC on a PCB
  • Mounted directly on a microstrip
  • High Frequency Interference
  • Inside a shielding can

Features and Benefits

  • Tough material can survive outdoor exposure
  • Very thin for compact locations
  • Flexible elastomeric material will not crack
  • Support broad frequency range
  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Halogen Free

Standard Absorbers

Permeability (@ 100MHz)Thickness (in/mm)Part Number
μ’ = 320.006/.15MA-LF-1
μ’ = 320.020/0.5MA-LF-2
μ’ = 320.010/0.25MA-LF-3
μ’ = 320.040/1.0MA-LF-4

Ordering Information

This materal is available in 305 x 610mm (12″ x 24″)  sheets only. However we can cut the sheets to shape and size as per your requirements.

It is available with and without PSA. If you require PSA please add the suffix “-PSA” to the required part number. For example for 0.15mm thick Low Frequency Absorber with PSA the part number would be “MA-LF-1-PSA”

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