Dust Protection and Filter Media

Dust Protection and Filter Media

Air Filter Media is available in thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 50mm, and in filtration grades G2, G3, G4, and M5 to EN779. Generally air filter media comes in large rolls or sheets but can be cut to a customers desired size.

Glass Fibre Filter Media- G2 / G3 to EN779:2012

Glass Fibre Media can be used for ventilation and air conditioning systems either as a main filter or as a pre filter to higher efficiency units.

Glass Fibre Filter Media is produced from a continuously spun glass filament into a graded blanket. A finer laminate backing increases the dust holding capacity and efficiency.

Glass Fibre Media is usually supplied coated with a viscous agent (oiled), which is applied during the manufacturing process and increases the dust holding capacity and efficiency. Oiled Glass Fibre Media is often identified by its blue and white appearance.

Traditionally the air enters the Glass Fibre Filter Media on the coloured face (Open Wispy Side) and leaves on the white side of the Air Filter Media.

Glass Fibre Filter Media is available in 12, 25, 50, 75 and 100mm thick. Rolls are available in 600, 760 and 1220 widths or pads can be cut to shape and size.

For Paint Arrestor or Spray Booth applications, the dry glass (ie not oiled) should be used, with a pad thickness of 50 or 100mm.

Max Operating Temperature 100 Deg C

Synthetic Air Filter Media Grades G3, G4 and M5 to EN779:2012

Synthetic Air Filter Media is manufactured from synthetic fibres which, when laid, produce a range of multi-directional fibrous “fabrics” of differing weights and thicknesses.

Air Filter Media are available to meet a wide range of filter requirements from coarse to fine, some products being able to withstand a light cleaning operation, others being disposable.

Synthetic filter media is available in 6mm, 12mm, 25mm, and 50mm thick. Filter grades available to EN779: G2, G3, G4, M5. We are able to supply Air Filter Medias as Cut Pads or Full Rolls, depending on your application or site requirements.

Our pad holding frame system offers a means of securing a filter media pads securely into a ventilation or air movement system. This re-useable fully galvanized steel frame can offer a cheaper option for filter replacement over typical cardboard framed panel filters.

Polyurethane foam Washable Air Filter Media- Equivalent to G2 – G4 to EN779

This washable filter media is often used in Fan Coil units found in hotels and offices, as it can be quickly hoovered, or removed and washed by engineers for quick and low cost maintenance.

Commonly Polyfoam Washable Filter Medias are used on Electronic Control Panel Enclosures, filtering coarse dusts and protecting sensitive equipment.

This washable air filter material can be used in any practical thickness, and is sliced to your requirement.

Reticulated (de-membraned) Polyurethane foam is available in varying densities designated by the number of pores per linear inch, and is available in 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 Pores Per Inch(ppi).

Polyfoam washable filter media is available in sheets of 2m x 1m or as cut pads to your required dimensions. It is fire retardant FMVSS 302
Flammability ISO 3795 Mm/min FMVSS 302 and has a Temperature Range -20c / +70c

Dry Glass Fibre Media (Paint Arrestor)

Supplied in rolls, dry glass fibre filter media is used in spray booths to catch wet and dry over spray. This can be used with the Frame System and Front Withdrawal Frame to create a large area of filters in a Spray Booth

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